We are a full service pool company servicing Katy and the greater Houston area. 


New Pool Construction

​There is nothing quite as special as having your very own private swimming pool in your backyard, but one of the reasons not everyone has a pool is that it is a
considerable investment.
That is why when you do decide to invest in your own pool, it is essential that you employ the best swimming pool builder possible. At Allegiant Pools, we are confident that not only are we the best company in the area, but we will also design and build the pool of your dreams. Custom from start to finish, we make it our priority to build something you and your family will love for years to come.

Pool Renovation

New pool construction is not our only passion, we also like to make your old backyard dream new again. We work with every budget to give new life to your dated backyard, turning it into a place you and your family love to gather once again. We can perform something as simple a re-plaster up to an all around overhaul with updated decking and water features.

Pool Maintenance/ Weekly Service/ Repair

​There is a lot of pleasure to be had from owning your own swimming pool, but that pleasure can be tainted by the maintenance required to keep your pool in pristine condition. Whether you bought and designed your own pool, or inherited a pool when you bought your property, very few people are aware of the maintenance requirements of being a pool owner. A pool that is not maintained properly can get out of control very quickly, and it is
essential for the health of your family and anyone using the pool, that the water is properly treated and looked after. As the premier pool builders in Katy, we understand how time-consuming pool maintenance can be, and it is not exactly an exciting chore to rush home to after
a hard day at work. After all, you installed the pool for fun, pleasure, and relaxation, not to give yourself more work.


We offer a full service, which enables you to enjoy the pool safely and without any of the downsides of pool ownership. Some of the services we odder include…

Repair Work on Equipment
 Pumps
 Filters
 Heaters
 Controllers
 Timers
 Robotic Cleaners

Pool Schools for New Home Owners
 Swimming Pool and Chemistry Safety
 Water Chemistry
 Pool Cleaners
 Filteration, Pump and Motor Overview
 Routine Pool Maintenance

Equipment Upgrade​
 Energy Efficient
 Electronic Controllers
 Full Automation- Control your pool with
    you iPhone

Filter Cleaning Services
 DE filters
 Cartridge Filters
 Sand Filters

As well as Draining & Acid Wash
and Cleaner Tune-Ups



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